Black Public Relations Society-New Announces 2016-2017 Membership Drive

BPRS-NY has a mission of creating opportunities for multi-cultural professionals  in Public Relations! New York, New York – The Black Public Relations Society-New York (BPRS-NY) announced the launching of its 2016-2017 membership drive.… Continue reading

Spring Cleaning Your Career

When the seasons change you’re probably thinking about what plants you’re going to put in the garden, or perhaps when you’ll have to pack away those winter clothes that have overstayed their welcome… Continue reading

Finding Sisterhood in the Worplace

“Women who understand how powerful they are do not give into envy over meaningless things, instead they fight to maintain the beautiful bond of the sisterhood.” ~ Bindu In my opinion these are… Continue reading

Sports PR Playbook Recap

Last Thursday, BPRSNY held its first event, “Sports PR Playbook: Proven Strategies to Maximize Client Image & Win Media Coverage” at CBS Studio 19.   We offered a warm welcome to our guest… Continue reading

Changing the Scenery in the C-suite

  There was once a time when blacks were not allowed to read, write, go to school or even drink out of certain water fountains. Thankfully, that was a lot of yesterdays ago… Continue reading