New President Phil Andrews Takes Helm of Black Public Relations Society-New York



294710New York, New York –On October 1, 2016 Phil Andrews takes the helm of Black Public Relations Society-New York.  The Black Public Relations Society-New York is New York’s Chief Image Maker and Strategist. BPRS-NY looks forward to continuing to be a pillar with the Urban Network in the Tri-State area fulfilling its mission of creating opportunities for multi-cultural professionals in the communication arena.  Our goal is to continue to advocate for Black Professional in Public Relations, Corporate Communications, Investor Relations, Government Affairs, Community Relations, and other related fields.

“We look forward to building on the legacy of the founding fathers of BPRS-NY has created since its inception in 1989.  We would like to give special acknowledgement to the Immediate Past President of BPRS-NY Kisha Barton; for we will be building on the mission, values, and goals they have entrusted to us in passing the torch of leadership to our newly established administration.  We look forward to forming partnership with affiliate organizations, corporations and PR firms dedicated to diversity, and colleges and universities in New York.” Phil Andrews, President BPRS-NY We look forward to hosting a variety of informative panels, workshop, and events geared towards opening the doors of access to more Black PR Professionals in the Public Relations Industry.

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