Black Newspapers And Communication Professionals Critical To Chronicling Current History of African Americans


The first African American Newspaper in the United stated was published by Samuel Cornish and John Russwurm, and was named Freedom’s Journal in 1827.Founded in 1827 in New York City, the first edition of the Journal summed up a great many of the reasons for the continuing, vital existence of the black press.

“We wish to plead our own cause,” the editors wrote. “Too long have others spoken for us. Too long has the public been deceived by misrepresentations, in things which concern us dearly.” Another newspaper developed around this time was The North Star founded by Frederick Douglass.

As Africans Americans started to relocate to major cities around the country others areas with large populations of African Americans more newspapers were published. Today we have a decreasing amount of African American Publications, but there is a push to bring newspapers back to the forefront in the African American Community.

Such publications such as the New York Trend Newspaper as persevered for more than two decades bringing quality news to the African American Community online and in print in one of the largest media markets in the world. Star Journal News is a top publication online and in print which brings unique hard to find stories to the market and supplies a new format of digital advertising to small business owners, professionals, Authors, etc.


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A call for diversity in advertising from institutions such as universities, colleges, government agencies, and private sector companies to support the concept of supporting newspapers is a wise choice to support a market of 30 Million African Americans in the United States whose budget is larger than some countries in the world. Both Newspapers and Communication Professionals are critical to chronicling the current history of African Americans. A push to diversify the communications arena with more minorities will allow people who view their stories through different lenses to chronicle the news in a unique way based on what they see and how they are inspired to tell the story.


A couple of organizations are currently making a difference on a national and local level and they are the National Association of Black Journalist and National Black Public Relations Society, Inc. and a local chapter of the Black PR Society called Black Public Relations Society of New York (BPRS-NY). Mainstream media is an important concept in America, but opening up the doors of opportunity is an even greater concept and speaks to a principles of making our society more fair and just for all Americans. The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. supports the growth of African American newspapers nationally and on a local level and the diversification of the Communications Industry to include minorities across the board on both a local and national level throughout America.

Phil Andrews is the President of Black Public Relations Society-New York and President of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc.

Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is a member of the US Black Chambers, Inc.


Mr. Andrews is also the business editor of


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