Spring Cleaning Your Career


When the seasons change you’re probably thinking about what plants you’re going to put in the garden, or perhaps when you’ll have to pack away those winter clothes that have overstayed their welcome in the closet this year.

These are the typical things we focus on when spring time comes, but why don’t we turn our attention to something that might really refresh our day-to-day lives?

It’s time to Spring clean your career!

Some of us may be a few months into a new job, while others may be will versed in their careers, but nonetheless we can always become more efficient in the workplace.

Join us as we bring in this season with some tips on spring-cleaning your career! 


Reflect– Think about the past year at your job. Now make a list of all of your accomplishments, challenges, and skills acquired, or anything else that you feel is significant to who you’ve become. This is a good way to identify the areas that might need a little TLC.

Tidy up– Dust off your resumes, and log in to those online profiles, it’s time for you to update these tigers. Add those new skills; change your profile pictures, or even the wording you initially used. If you’re feeling confident in your craft (in which you should), take off those internships and swap them out for your new work experience or the major accounts you’ve worked on. It is important to keep everyone in the loop of what you’ve been up to so they can always see your progress.

Use the right tools– Educate yourself on the capabilities of social networks. LinkedIn is a great way to make professional contacts, learn of other companies or even browse the job market. Meanwhile, Facebook and Twitter are useful when it comes to interacting with your audience or launching a new product. It’s essential to stay in the know so you can maximize your use each and every time.

Reignite passion– Remember the reasons that you fell in love with your job in the beginning? I’m sure things have changed tremendously since then. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to magazines and blogs that focus on your field. You can also set up Google alerts for trending topics. Keep the fire alive, allow yourself to fall in love all over again. If sparks don’t fly, you might want to rethink your future in this position.

Improve relationships– Building your network has become the most important asset to your success. You [might] want to get to know your coworkers, professionally and personally (but remember to set boundaries). This will help you learn the simple things. Like the ways they prefer to communicate with potential clients, or how they hate when people follow up with them multiple times. Every relationship has something of value if you take the time to look for it!

Form new relationships– By the same token, as you improve your older relationships, it is essential that you build new ones as well. Join an organization (like BPRS-NY!) so you can meet like-minded individuals. Even if you don’t join right away, there are always opportunities for you to attend their mixers and this will help you build your network or it may even introduce you to a new business venture.

Clear the air– If there’s something you’ve been meaning to talk to your supervisor or coworker, now is a great time. Request that raise you feel like you’ve earned, but come prepared with some concrete evidence! Revisit a problem you had when the office was super slammed with a lot going on and you were just overwhelmed. Sometimes all it takes is a simple I’m sorry. Or if you feel the job isn’t challenging you as expected, ask for more responsibilities on an account. You never know until you speak up!

Try something new– Find the things that spark your interest and incorporate them in your daily assignments at work. If you love to be outdoors when the weather is nice, have your team meetings outside on the patio. Connecting work life with hobbies seems to always put a smile on everyone’s face. It makes work fun!

Clean it up – Go through your old emails and delete the folders that are years old and the client is no longer with your company. Take down all the pointless post-its you have hanging around your corkboard. I’m sure there are more important reminders that are being overlooked. File cabinets also need to be a little lighter. Recycle, recycle, and recycle!     

Rearrange– Here’s where spring-cleaning becomes literal! Get rid of any clutter that’s in your office like, a desk lamp that’s just taking up space. Brighten your office with some new wall art or curtains that scream it’s springtime! Your office should be welcoming and make everyone feel like they’re right at home.

Take these tips and make them work for you! A new season is upon us and after the winter we’ve had we should all feel vivacious!

Happy Spring everyone!



Ariana WhiteAriana White is a recent graduate of Sacred Heart University. There she earned a Master of Arts Degree in Corporate Communication and Public Relations. She received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Communication from Eastern Connecticut State University. With a strong interest in the entertainment industry, she’s participated in internships with Clear Channel Radio, Sony Music/RCA Records, and Susan Blond Inc., where she worked in both the publicity and promotions department. Throughout her fieldwork experience she’s worked on campaigns for several artists, which include Mario, Fantasia, Petula Clark, and Hot Chelle Rae to name a few. She’s had plenty of exposure to pitching, event planning and coordination, social media services and media relations. As a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, Ariana has been trained for any leadership role and specializes in socialization.  As a new member of BPRSNY, she looks forward to getting involved with the communication committee but most of all meeting tons of new people. 

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