Jumpstart Your Career: 5 Reasons to Join BPRS-NY

 As membership rates begin to increase, BPRS-NY reminds you of the benefits of joining a professional organization.

(Source: Google Search)

(Source: Google Search)

For many of us, January is a time for us to reevaluate our behavior and set goals for ourselves. It goes unsaid that in a city over-saturated with communications professionals, we have to find a way to set ourselves from the rest. Joining a professional organization will not only help you reach your professional goals, but will help you develop skill sets that last a lifetime.

1. Present yourself as a committed member to the PR community. Many of us just aren’t aware of what our actions speak about our brand. Aligning yourself with professional organizations not only says that you are interested in your field, but it also declares that you are dedicated to learning the ever-changing workings of public relations. Most importantly that you have access to a diverse network, especially in BPRS-NY. Ask anyone, those are the characteristics employers are looking for.

2. Expand your knowledge base. Learning from award-winning communicators is one of the greatest benefits of joining a professional organization. As a BPRS-NY member you have rub shoulders with marketing great Peter Shankman and PR maven, Dawn Kelly, all in the same night. (Not to mention Maurice DuBois will be hosting our first event of 2014.) Hearing personal practices from the crème de la crème at both live events and on-demand webinars is a great way to stay abreast in this evolving field.

3. Develop a team of cheerleaders. Sometimes, all we need to reach our next milestone is someone in our corner cheering us on. Whether it’s your intention or not, by joining BPRS you’ll find a group of professionals who will encourage, inspire and motivate you to get to the next step.

4. Find out about job and internship opportunities before the rest. Yes, every membership organization has networking opportunities. But in BPRS-NY you have access to our job postings in a myriad of ways: our membership portal, members-only email communication, and in conversation. With so many options, there is not a reason why 2014 won’t be your year.

5. Strengthen your leadership, presentation and communication skills. Serve in a leadership position, volunteer to be on a committee, learn from seasoned professionals, and master the art of chit chatting and sharpen your writing skills. By volunteering your time or skills you get to develop the skills that are necessary for a successful career in public relations.

These were just a few incentives to convince you that joining BPRS-NY would be one of the best decisions you’ve made yet in 2014. We have so many exciting ideas brewing for the year and you don’t want to be the one that misses out! Click here to join the fun! 

AmandaAmanda T. Winston is a freelance public relations professional and branding enthusiast with a strong interest in leadership. Her passion for public relations and strategic planning began with her role as president of the Temple University Black Public Relations Society chapter. Since then, she has held various roles on account teams at The Philadelphia Conventions and Visitor’s Bureau, Health Partners, 900am WURD and the Black Public Public Relations Society of New York. She graduated with honors from Temple University with a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Organization and Communication.  Connect with Amanda on Twitter and Instagram @AmandaWins_PR