PR Nightmares


Halloween is a day away and we’re sure you have your shares of screams and scares. Here is a list of some jaw-dropping, heart-beating “PR Nightmares” the BPRS-NY leadership team wants you to avoid (cue scary, dramatic music)…

  1. Planning a press event, but no media advisories were sent out
  2. Sending your press release out to the media universe and then realizing there is a spelling error in your headline
  3. During your press conference your speaker (client) goes off topic and drives the story elsewhere
  4. Preparing for a red carpet event and realizing the step and repeat never came
  5. Client has not confirmed special guests until week before the event
  6. Keynote speaker realizes the week of the event that he/she has a conflict and can no longer deliver the keynote
  7. The venue loses the in-kind donations, or gifts, shipped by the corporate sponsors attending the event
  8. Your client makes a very insensitive comment about recent scandal without consulting with you first
  9. Begin pitching a genius story about your client’s newest product, then you realize a competitor just received coverage on their similar new product
  10. Sending your well thought out pitch…. to the wrong email address

Not frightened enough? What are some other “PR nightmares” to avoid?

This list was compiled by our leadership team