Looking for a way to contribute to the PR community? Become a mentor.

BPRS-NY Needs Mentors!

Why become a Mentor?

Give Back: Most mentors report that contributing to their industry and helping to improve the economy is extremely important. 

Develop your skills: Even though mentors come to the relationship with substantial business experience, they frequently develop new skills as a teacher and coach by mentoring. 

Learn from mentees: Mentors frequently report that they feel like they get much more than they give when mentees expose mentors to new industries, challenges, experiences, and ideas. 

Sounding Board: All successful leaders seek out the opinions of others to stay organized, check assumptions, generate new ideas, and provide emotional support. 

Access to business experience: Regardless of what you are attempting to do, chances are somebody has already done something similar. Rather than reinvent the wheel, avoid costly mistakes by learning how to do it right the first time. 

Expand your network: Business is an inherently social activity. Whether you are learning about the industry, seeking out new partnerships, or increasing your business visibility, your network is something that needs to be constantly cultivated. 
Mentoring helps improve mentees chances of business success.

If you are interested in becoming a BPRS-NY Mentor, please email 
mentorship@bprsny.org for more information.